Foreskin cells are growing as we speak

So… we started to grow the foreskin cells. Stop 1 of the transformation journey.

in a nut shall what we did is -

  • Get the cells.
  • Thaw the cells
  • count the cells (we had 640,000 foreskin cells in the vial)
  • plate the cells (6 little flasks)
  • try to grow as many as possible… multiple and multiple
  • freeze earleir passages, as many as possible for future use - (we plan to use these cells for a different project of ours - Mini Flash Works)

so we have 6 flask. now its time to see if we have all the consumables ready for iPSing the foreskin cells.

foreskin cells - pallet at the bottom of the tube

we have 640000 cells.

they are styarting to grow - 6 flasks.

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